A teacher by profession, a scientist by training and a writer by choice. I have a Bachelor’s Degree (Education), a Master’s Degree (Science) and 20 years of experience in teaching English to children and adults.

I have lived and worked in India and Dubai and have had varied teaching experiences. I have taught English to children and adults, online and in classrooms, as an academic subject and as a foreign language. My students include adults and children, from Japan, India, UAE, UK, Turkey and Pakistan.

I am a published author: I have written English books and English textbooks, which are available on Amazon. My blog, 'A league of Laid-Back Mothers', is aimed at keeping parenthood relaxed and fun.

I am a writing mentor for students, who want to become professional writers. One of my most popular courses consists of guiding first time writers become published authors.

My English lessons are created for students of all ages and all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). I want my students to be able to hold conversations in everyday life, at the office or as a tourist. I also welcome advanced students who want to finetune their reading and writing skills, and want detailed information about the English language. For more information, please visit the individual lesson pages.

Archana Rao D'Cruz