How Outraged Are You, My Friend?

03 May, 2018
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How Outraged Are You, My Friend?

03 May, 2018

A sentiment defined as shock-fury-disgust by the dictionary. Currently, the most used word in the Indian media, being endlessly flogged by every news channel. An emotion that is splashed in my face, each time I check my Facebook account and was spewing out of celebrity ears, the last I checked. But there is outrage and then there is outrage and a clear difference in the outcome of both.

So how outraged are you, my friend? 

As outraged as the protesters who braved water cannons and police action, in the aftermath of Nirbhaya rape case, to push for real change? The intensity and sustained nature of the nationwide protests led to tangible legal and social gains: reformation of the anti-rape law, increased deployment of female police officers, gender sensitization courses for the police, fast track courts to deal with rape cases, stricter laws against sexual assault and opening up of public spaces for discussion on sexual violence and rape.

Or are you just outraged enough to rant on online forums and then move on till the next outrage?

As outraged as the founders of ADR (the Association for Democratic Reforms), a nongovernmental organization that advocates for electoral and political reforms in India to combat corruption and empower citizens? Since 1999, they have worked at strengthening democratic processes at the grassroots through legal advocacy, dissemination of information and programmes like Election watch and Political Party Watch. In 2003, thanks to their tireless efforts, the Supreme Court made it mandatory for all candidates contesting elections to disclose their criminal, financial and educational background to the voters.

Or are you just outraged enough to denounce country, politics and religion, without really working towards changing any of it?

Just how outraged are you?

Are you outraged enough to join one of the thousands of organizations working on improving the living standards and opportunities for the marginalised, in effect trying to mitigate outrages?

Or are you just outraged enough to change your DP picture and then go back to your own busy life, with no time to improve anything except opportunities for your own children?

Are you outraged enough to join the millions of nameless, faceless volunteers who spend countless hours, working towards making this country a safer and better place for the future generations?

Or are you just outraged enough to want a better world without any effort on your part?

Just how outraged are you, my friend? Outraged enough to do the right thing?

Photo by Morgan Basham on Unsplash

Archana Rao-D'Cruz