Thank God For The Good Guys

19 April, 2012
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Thank God For The Good Guys

19 April, 2012

A warm, fuzzy feeling

There are moments in life when you know that there’s lots of things right in the world. And for the moment you can put aside the gloomy news headlines and sit back to savour the warm, fuzzy feeling of all-is-right-with-the-world. This was one of those moments.

Saturday evening in Bangalore with three friends. One of them on the phone organizing dinner for the night, another one dangling a kid on the knee and the third, playing the good host to us. Here were three men effortlessly sliding into housekeeping and babysitting duties while their respective spouses were – working, socializing and napping. And I had left behind my two children to be cared for by my husband, while I enjoyed a fun weekend in Bangalore.

The realization

While the chauvinistic no-good males hog the media limelight, there is an entire generation of men who have evolved quietly into the true other half of the Indian Woman. And we have been terribly remiss in recognizing and acknowledging their place in our lives. So guys – A BIG THANK YOU.


To those husbands who support us without encroaching on our personal space. Who love us not for what we do (thank goodness!) but for who we are. Who strain hard against their genetic programming and attempt to “communicate and share feelings.” Who learn to listen endlessly, pin up saris and lie manfully – ‘No, you don’t look fat in that dress.’ Whose only comment when we go out for the night is – ‘Do you need a lift?’ Who share TV time equally (even during IPL matches). Who place a high premium on our happiness and add zest to our life. Without whom life would only be half as much fun and very, very incomplete.


To the guys who work, travel and party with us. Whose respect and affection transcends what we wear and how much we drink. Whose only thought after a night out is – how to get us back home safely. Who treat us like ladies, even when we behave like harridans. Who flirt with us but never cross the platonic boundary. Who argue with us, value our opinions and know us to be intellectual equals. Who explain the jokes we don’t understand without making us feel like fools and provide us with valuable insights into the male behaviour.


To those fathers who back their daughters all the way and bring up their sons right. Who are great role-models and take equal responsibility for their children’s upbringing. Who don’t lay down different rules for sons and daughters and never tell their daughters that ‘Girls shouldn’t do this’. Or worse ‘what will people think?’ Who join the hunt for school socks during morning rush, never succeeding but trying nevertheless. Who are always present to cheer and take pictures during school events. Who fetch, carry, iron, clean and cook for their children till the end of time. Who are just as deserving of mushy cards and mushier sentiments.

Tough job

The world is a better, warmer and nicer place with you guys in our corner. About time someone acknowledged it, you say? Well, being the good guy is a tough and thankless job, you know. Just ask Superman, Batman, Spiderman ……..

Archana Rao-D'Cruz